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This is an insight into the classes and projects I’ve done in my studies. Assignments are in pdf format unless otherwise noted. All assignments are in Danish.

Master’s Degree in Digital Design (Unfinished)

I chose not to continue with the Thesis for this, as my work was taking all my time and splitting up the time would serve neither very well.

Ninth semester

Computer Game Theory: Online Worlds and their Surface Areas
I wrote about Monetization, Game Mechanics and Subway Surfers. It’s not very good, but it did pass. (download)

Eight semester

Internship at Kiloo Games
Developing Mega Bloks for iPhone.
Accepted as a Game Designer for two periods (may 2010 and march 2011)
We made the game Catnapped! for the first period. Trailer below:
In the second period, we made the game Blendimals for which there is a trailer below:

Seventh semester

Audio design
Paper on our project (download)
Second paper in article form on the same project (download)
3D modelling in design and presentation
Paper on our design and model (download)
Video of our presentation below:

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Studies (2009)

Sixth semester – Multimedia suplemments

Project for Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelorprojekt)
Paper on our project (download)
We made a game about brewing beer, which can be tried on this site (flash).
Computer Game Theory (Computerspilsteori)
Final Exam: On Gamers’ Motivations(download)
Interactive Programming (Interaktionsprorgammering)
Final assignment (online version)
Method and Process (Metode og Proces)
Paper on Annotated Reality (download)
Human-Computer Interaction (Menneske-maskine interaktion)
Assignment on OneNote among other things (download)

Fifth semester – Multimedia studies

Digital Culture (Digital Kultur)
Final Exam: Transhumanism (download)
Presentation on Transhumanism (download)
Elective Selfstudy Course (Selvstuderet emne)
Final Exam: Realism in Videogames (download)
Perspectives in Multimedia (Perspektiver i Multimedier)
Weekly reports on the taught subjects and Final report (download)
Presentation on Hypertext (download)

Fourth semester

Digital Aesthetics (Digital Æstetik)
Final Exam: “World of Warcraft – An analysis of the narrative in World of Warcraft” (download)
In hindsight this was a foolish title. The main title should have been something like “Quest based stories” or something.
Project of Immersion (fordybelsesprojekt)
Final Exam: “Edb-Tidende 2.0” (download)
In this assignment we analysed Web 2.0 concepts and prepared my web site Edb-Tidende for Web 2.0 features. The site has since been halted, since my time haven’t allowed me to properly redo the programming.

Third semester

Organisation Analysis (Organisationsanalyse)
Final Exam: “Foucault – a theoretical assignment on Panoptism, disciplin and power” (download)
Qualitative Method (Informationsvidenskabelig metode)
Final Exam: “Students’ expectations – A critical view on the use of computers in Information Studies” (download)
Scientific Theory (Videnskabsteori)
Final Exam: Strong Artificial Intelligence (download)
The AI assignment looked closer at Daniel Dennett’s theory of Conscience and Heterophenomenology and used Alan Turing’s own counterpoints to a thinking machine as a starting point to discuss the possibility of Thinking Computers.

Second semester

Communication (Kommunikation)
Final Exam: A case study – Daily (download)
Programming 2 (programmering 2)
Final Exam: A Zombie simulation (“28 seconds later”) (download)
Java program: 28 seconds later (jar)

First semester

Communication (Kommunikation)
Assignment on Luhmann’s System Theory (download)
Assignment on Goffman’s theory of social interaction by Face Work (download)
Introduction to programming (Introduktion til programmering)
Halfway assignment on Object oriented programming (download)
Tecnological history (Teknologihistorie)
Halfway analysis of Politiken (download)
Final Exam analysis of Intel Corporation (download)

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